Order ELM-USB, an universal multi-protocol OBD-2 ELM32x compatible USB interface

Installation Instructions

This instructions apply only to people who use source code .tar.gz package. Ubuntu/Debian users should use .deb package, where installation is fully automatic.


First, install these and make sure they work.


A recent release is needed. Developement took place using the 2.3.x release series. Any 2.X release should work, but hasn't been tested. Under MacOSX 10.3 (panther), Python is installed by default. Installation instructions are available at the python website: www.python.org


This is needed to communicate with the serial port. It is available from sourceforge: http://pyserial.sourceforge.net/. Download and install it. Use version 2.0.


It's available at www.wxpython.org. Version 2.4 is required. pyOBD will not work with the 2.5 release series.


After those requirements, installation is a snap. Simply download the release tarball and uncompress it. To "install" pyOBD on the system, type "make install";