The software is contantly updated. and technical support.
Latest TruckTester version is ?
2022-12-16 0.1.2720
Experimental turbo communication mode for KWP2000 protocols (faster live data sampling rate)

2022-12-14 0.1.2718
Improved live data functionality: last choice is remembered between reconnections.

2022-10-10 0.1.2691
Improved application stability during communication interruptions with the control unit.

2022-06-22 0.1.2688
Application crash fixed: Disconnecting interface in the measured values dialog

2022-03-10 0.1.2677
Improved coding routines failure evaluation and reporting

2021-10-27 0.1.2658
Improved MAN functionality: Wabco EBS2, FFR, ASTronic MID

2021-08-27 0.1.2598
Improved application bug reporting

2021-03-25 0.1.2444
Improved ECU identification for Mercedes-Benz UDS ECUs

2021-03-17 0.1.2441
Fault code numbers in Mercedes-Benz ISO 14229 now show in SPN-FMI decimal format

2021-02-25 0.1.2409
Live data view allows selecting different physical quantity (e.g. recalculate pressure mbar to mmHg, atm, kg/cm^3, psi etc.)


Trucktester is still in development, don't even bother ordering at this moment, you will be very disappointed and regret your decision heavily ;-).

Key features


TruckTester comes with free 1 year updates (if you purchase in October-November-December, you get the following year for free). Additional updates in the following years are paid.

Beta functionality

Only TruckTester for Mercedes-Benz is currently available for purchase to the general public. If you wish to become a tester for other TruckTester modules (such as MAN, DAF, Iveco, ...) please let us know by e-mail.


We provide standard 2-year warranty for our products.
You can purchase extended 5-year hardware warranty for your diagnostic interface within 14 days of delivery date:
MC-EXTWARRANTY-60MFCOM/FiCOM/HiCOM/PSA-COM/BimCOM extended warranty 5 years€88.00 EUR / $99.00 USD1


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