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This diagnostic coverage listing is work in progress, it will be further updated to contain all ECUs supported by FCOM and information about functions covered for each system. We are aware of it's incompleteness, however due to high volume of questions from website visitors we have decided to publish it in this incomplete form.We beleive it will be useful and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


 PCM - Powertrain Control Module (Engine ECU)
4.0 (EEC-V) 2000-2002
4.0 (EEC-V) 1999
4.0 (EEC-V,ETV-712) 1999
4.0 DAHC VCT Gasoline EEC-VI 2005
4.0 DAHC VCT Gasoline EEC-VI 2008
4.0 DOHC VCT (EEC VI) 2003
4.0 DOHC VCT (EEC VI) 2005
4.0 DOHC VCT (EEC VI) 2007
4.0 DOHC VCT (EEC VI) 2008
4.0 DOHC VCT EEC-VI 2003
4.0 DOHC VCT Gasoline EEC-VI 2003
4.0 DOHC VCT Gasoline EEC-VI 2005
5.0 (EEC-V) 1998
5.0 (EEC-V,ETV-723) 1999-2002
5.4 3V (EEC VI) 2003
5.4 3V (EEC VI) 2005
5.4 4V (EEC VI) 2003
5.4 4V (EEC VI) 2005
5.4 4V (EEC VI) 2008
 TCM - Transmission Control Module
6 Speed Auto ZF 6HP26 Steptronic 2008


 ABS - Anti Brake-Lock System
ABS 2005


 BCM - Body Control Module
BCM 2005
 EATC - Air Conditioning
EATC 2005
 IPC - Instruments panel cluster
IPC 2005
IPC 2008
 RCM - Restraints Control Module (Airbag)
RCM 2005


 RAD - Radio / Audio System module
RAD 2005

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