Latest FiCOM version is ?
2024-01-08 0.2.15819
Application crash fixed: Input dialog for coding functions.

2023-05-30 0.2.15679
Fixed major bug related to Iveco Daily diagnosis introduced recently in connection with SGW changes

2023-05-25 0.2.15672
Autoscan now distinguishes between ECUs where reading DTC failed and ECUs without DTC memory function

2023-05-25 0.2.15672
Improved Multicar and LDV support

2023-05-10 0.2.15647
Added warning about wrong model selection based on VIN

2023-04-28 0.2.15598
Added support for selected Ferrari models (up to 2023)

2023-04-05 0.2.15522
Improved Ferrari/Maserati support

2023-03-24 0.2.15453
Initial support for Bosch MD1CS069 P2048 (Iveco Daily Euro VI 2023+)

2023-03-20 0.2.15447
Fixed major bug (non-connection on Fiat UDS) from friday version

2023-03-16 0.2.15401
Improved Ferrari, Maserati and Iveco support

FiCOM Interface Upgrade

After Fiat merge with Chrysler (the group is now called Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV) several changes in Fiat vehicles were introduced. In order to support the latest Fiat models, including Fiat 500X, it was necessary to design a new diagnostic interface, that covers also these new platforms. Please note that FiCOM diagnostic interface does NOT cover Chrysler (US-made) vehicles.

All customers who purchased diagnostic interface in 2016 from us have the new interface, thus no upgrade is necessary. If you have purchased earlier, you can upgrade your diagnostic interface (fee applies).

The first generation of FiCOM diagnostic interface looks visually same as the new generation, however it has significantly improved hardware inside. You can easily distinguish between diagnostic interface types in FiCOM Interface test.


We will ship replacement ("upgrade") interface after we receive both payment and the old interface from the customer. Customer is responsible for delivering the old interface to our office (registered post is recommended). Please do not forget to include your order number when shipping the old interface. Copyright (c) 2007-2023 SECONS s.r.o.. All rights reserved. [Legal info]