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Latest FoCOM version is ?
2015-11-17 1.0.16107
Added new functions for recent Ford EEC-6 ECUs (US engines/models)

2015-11-14 1.0.16103
Added support for selected 2015/2016 US models

2015-11-06 1.0.16086
Improved OBD2 PCM Freeze frame decoding

2015-11-03 1.0.16049
User interface improvements

2015-09-15 1.0.15815
Added Microsoft Windows 10 support

2015-09-02 1.0.15720
Fixed problems related to recent Mazda/Ford US models

2015-09-02 1.0.15715
Added configuration and codings for Ford Fusion USA2014

2015-08-31 1.0.15713
Improved odometer correction ECU assignments for newer models

2015-08-26 1.0.15711
Added EEC-VI ISO14229 UDS KAM reset function

2015-08-19 1.0.15669
Improved Czech translation (fault codes)

Ford odometer correction module

FoCOM odometer correction module allows you to change mileage shown on instrument cluster to any requested value. The feature is very simple to use: Connect via OBD2 to instrument cluster, select coding functions -> Direct odometer change and enter desired value. Everything is carried out via OBD2 connector, no need to open any control units or solder anything.

The FoCOM odometer module is currently available only in form of beta version. It was tested on many control units, however it is possible some less frequent ECUs may not work. We'll fix these problems as quickly as possible after reporting. All customers will be provided with free updates fixing all resolved issues. Please see known bugs below before ordering.


Notice: It is not possible to change odometer via OBD2 if your car is not listed and it was manufactured before models listed below (e.g Mondeo 2001-2006, Focus up to 2003, etc). Older instrument cluster modules do not have capabilities for direct memory access via OBD2.

FordC-Max2003 (3M5T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordC-Max2003-2006 (4M5T)VisteonMC9S12H256
FordC-Max2007-2010 (7M5T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordC-Max2007-2010 (8V4T)VisteonMC9S12XHZ512
FordFiesta2006-2007 (6S6T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordFiesta2008- (8A6T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordFocus2003 (3M5T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordFocus2003-2006 (4M5T)VisteonMC9S12H256
FordFocus2007-2010 (7M5T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordFocus2007-2010 (8V4T)VisteonMC9S12XHZ512
FordFocus2010 (AM5T)JCIRenesas/NEC uPD70F3425
FordFocus2011- (BM5T)JCIRenesas/NEC uPD70F3425
FordGalaxy2006 (6M2T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordGalaxy2006 Convers+ (6M2T)Visteon24C16
FordGalaxy2007 (7M2T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordGalaxy2007 Convers+ (7M2T)Visteon24C16
FordGalaxy2008-2010 (8M2T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordGalaxy2008-2010 Convers+ (8M2T)Visteon24C16
FordGalaxy2010 (AM2T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordGalaxy2010 Convers+ (AM2T)Visteon24C16
FordKuga2007-2010 (8V4T)VisteonMC9S12XHZ512
FordMondeo2006 (6M2T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordMondeo2006 Convers+ (6M2T)Visteon24C16
FordMondeo2007 (7M2T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordMondeo2007 Convers+ (7M2T)Visteon24C16
FordMondeo2008-2010 (8M2T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordMondeo2008-2010 Convers+ (8M2T)Visteon24C16
FordMondeo2010 (AM2T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordMondeo2010 Convers+ (AM2T)Visteon24C16
FordS-Max2006 (6M2T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordS-Max2006 Convers+ (6M2T)Visteon24C16
FordS-Max2007 (7M2T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordS-Max2007 Convers+ (7M2T)Visteon24C16
FordS-Max2008-2010 (8M2T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordS-Max2008-2010 Convers+ (8M2T)Visteon24C16
FordS-Max2010 (AM2T)VisteonHC912XXX
FordS-Max2010 Convers+ (AM2T)Visteon24C16
FordTransit2006-2007 (6C1T)JCIRenesas/NEC uPD70F3325 + 93C76
FordTransit2008 (8C1T)JCIRenesas/NEC uPD70F3325 + 93C76
FordTransit2009-2011 (9C1T)JCIRenesas/NEC uPD70F3325 + 93C76
Errors and omissions excepted.

Known problems

  • Transit Connect 2007- has dubious memory assignments, FoCOM will auto-detect any problems (possible to fix within one business day)
  • Fiesta 2006-2007 has dubious memory assignments, FoCOM will auto-detect any problems (possible to fix within one business day)
  • Focus 2010+ is not currently supported (work in progress)
  • Some Mondeo/S-Max 2010+ may not work (possible to fix quickly)
  • Ford Mustang is not yet finished (work in progress)

Legal notice

The FoCOM odometer correction module allows you to change mileage of a car both ways, up and down. This feature is useful in many situations (typically instrument cluster or engine replacement), however it can also be used for odometer/mileage changes (rollback) that are considered as fraud in many countries (typically when the seller of a vehicle falsely represents the actual mileage of a vehicle to the buyer). FoCOM users are not permitted to use odometer correction function for fraudulent purposes. Where this function is not permitted by laws of your country, the FoCOM module must not be purchased or installed in the first place.


Important notice: in order to use FoCOM odometer correction module, you already need to have our FoCOM diagnostic interface (comes with FoCOM software). If you do not have FoCOM yet, please order one from this page.

The module does not ship - you will be able to download it via Internet after we receive your payment. Please use our contact form to get more information about FoCOM odometer correction module.

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