Porsche Cayenne 2003 / 955, E1

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 Tiptronic/PDK transmission
AISIN Tiptronic transmission 95x5-4901
 Engine control module (DME)
Bosch EDC17CP14 (3.0 V6 TDI)5183100-
Bosch ME7.1.1 (3.2l/4.5l V6/V8)213626492
 Transfer case
Siemens transfer case 95x8-130-


 Anti-lock brake system (PSM, Porsche stability management)
Stability management 95x (KWP2000)5-4906
Stability management 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-4906
Stability management 95x v0101 (KWP2000)5-4906
 Auxiliary heater
Auxiliary heater 957 (KWP2000)5-2402
Auxiliary heater 957 (VW TP 1.6)0-2402
 Level control/suspension
Level control 95x (KWP2000) 15-1320-
Level control 95x (KWP2000) 1.15-1320-
Level control 95x (KWP2000) 25-13205
Level control 95x (KWP2000) 35-13205
Level control 95x (KWP2000) 3.55-1320-
Level control 95x (VW TP 1.6) 10-1320-
Level control 95x (VW TP 1.6) 1.10-1320-
Level control 95x (VW TP 1.6) 20-13205
Level control 95x (VW TP 1.6) 30-1320-
Level control 95x (VW TP 1.6) 3.50-1320-
 Off road stabilizer rollbar
Off road stabilizer rollbar 95x (KWP2000)5-901
Off road stabilizer rollbar 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-901
 Park assist
Park assist 95x (KWP2000)5-3102
Park assist 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-3102
 Power steering
Steering wheel 95x (KWP2000)7-4904
Steering wheel 95x (VW TP 1.6)2-4904
 Rear lid - tailgate
Automatic tailgate 957 (KWP2000)5-1206
Automatic tailgate 957 (VW TP 1.6)0-1206
 Tire pressure monitor
RDK Tire pressure monitor 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-2903
RDK Tire pressure monitor 95x (VW TP 1.6) ver.20-560-
Tire pressure monitor 95x (KWP2000)5-2903
 Trailer module
Tow Bar 95x (KWP2000)5-3505
Trailer ECU 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-3505
 Transverse lock
Transverse lock 95x5-160-
Transverse lock 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-160-
 Windshield wiper
Windshield wiper 95x (KWP2000)5-210-
Windshield wiper 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-210-


 Airbag (POSIP)
Airbag Bosch RB8/ABL7 95x (KWP2000)5-51018
Airbag Bosch RB8/ABL7 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-51018
 Magnetic field sensor/compass
Mag field sensor/compass 95x (KWP2000)5-40-
Mag field sensor/compass 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-40-
 CAN-BUS gateway
Gateway K-line/CAN-BUS: 2003-2004 Cayenne6-290-
Temic GW 95x (ISO15765)8364055
 Air conditioning and heater
Air conditioning 95x (KWP2000)5-15801
Air conditioning 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-15801
 Keyless entry security system
Keyless entry security system 95x (KWP2000)5-2000-
Keyless entry security system 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-2000-
 Instrument cluster
Instrument cluster Bosch RB4 / RB8 (Cayenne 95x)6-2706
 Panorama roof
Panorama roof 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-140-
 Doors and rear hatch
Doors and rear hatch 95x5-1130-
 Seat memory driver
Seat memory driver 95x (KWP2000)5-3401
Seat memory driver 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-3401
 Seat memory passenger
Seat memory passenger 95x (KWP2000)5-3401
Seat memory passenger 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-3401
 Seat memory rear
Seat memory rear 95x (KWP2000)5-730-
Seat memory rear 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-730-
 Vehicle electrical system
Vehicle electrical system Ver 01XX 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-59017
Vehicle electrical system Ver 01XX 95x (KWP2000)5-59017
Vehicle electrical system Ver 02XX 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-62012
Vehicle electrical system Ver 02XX 95x (KWP2000)5-62012
Vehicle electrical system Ver 03XX 95x (VW TP 1.6)0-00-
Vehicle electrical system Ver 03XX 95x (KWP2000)5-00-


 HiFi Amplifier (Bose, ASK)
Amplifier 25-00-
MOSTGW - AMP 9555-00-
 CD changer
CD changer13-30-
CD changer 95x (VW TP 1.6/MOST)1-00-
 Multimedia interface
PCM2 Multimedia interface 9555-9749
 MOST/CAN - gateway
MOSTGW - GW ECU 0x825-00-
Navigation 25-00-
 Radio / Porsche communication management (PCM)
Porsche communication management5-00-

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