Porsche Cayenne 2020 / 9YA, PO536

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 Tiptronic/PDK transmission
Automatic transmission 16-857-
 Engine control module (DME)
Bosch MG1CS008 4.0 V8 TFSI6-41843-
Bosch MGSCS002 2.9 TFS6-40650-
 Speed controller
Speed controller 16-00-
 Gear selector
PDK gear selector 9716-383-


 Anti-lock brake system (PSM, Porsche stability management)
Bosch ESP 9 26-80-
 Adaptive cruise control
Adaptive cruise control 26-301-
 Actuator structure-borne noise
Actuator structure-borne noise 36-21-
 Chassis control
Chassis control 26-00-
 Headlight left
Headlight LED left 26-603-
 Headlight left LCM
Headlight left LCM 26-523-
 Headlight right
Headlight LED right6-03-
 Headlight right LCM
Headlight right LCM 26-523-
 Lane change assistant
Rear radar Bosch S1 Master version 36-350-
 Lane change assistant - slave
Rear radar Bosch S2 Slave version 26-330-
 Power steering
Electronic power steering 26-500-
 Rear lid - tailgate
Tailgate 971/9YA6-594-
 Targa roof
Sun roof 16-465-
 Spoiler system
Spoiler co-system 26-00-
 Tire pressure monitor
RDK Tire pressure monitor 16-00-


 Airbag (POSIP)
Airbag Continental VW316-702-
 Body control module front
BCM front 9716-445103-
BCM front 9YA6-445103-
 Body control module 2 - front
Body control module 2 front - version 26-13514-
 Dash control unit front
Dash control unit front 26-00-
 Door module front left
Door front left 9716-7418-
 Door module front right
Door module passenger6-6318-
 Door module rear left
Door module rear left6-5211-
 Door module rear right
Door module rear right6-5211-
 CAN-BUS gateway
CAN/CAN Gateway (UDS) 26-6045256
 Air conditioning and heater
Air conditioning 26-00-
 Instrument cluster
Instrument cluster Visteon 26-90-
 Steering column electronics
Steering wheel 16-504-
 Seat memory driver
Seat memory driver UDS6-8913-
 Seat memory passenger
Seat memory passenger UDS6-8913-


 HiFi Amplifier (Bose, ASK)
Ampflier UDS BOSE6-272568
 Camera front
Front camera 26-11719-
 CD changer
DVD Player/changer6-212-
 Front corner radar
Front corner radar 16-160-
 Heads up display
Heads up display 16-209-
 Night vision
Night vision 26-00-
 Radio / Porsche communication management (PCM)
Navigation system 26-11610-
 Rear corner radar
Rear corner radar 16-160-

Number of identifications, fault codes or configurations may vary depending on control unit variant or programming. Count of configurable parameters (codings) is displayed if the PoCOM supports user programmable parameters. For more detailed information about coding operations and it's coverage please visit PoCOM section at DiagWiki.com. Wiring diagrams are currently in development and will be available in CarSchema.com online wiring diagrams

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