Mercedes-Benz GT 2021 / X290


CEPC 2536-30-
DCDC 2226-00-
EMC 2906-00-
Gear selector DSI 2906-261-
Fuel pump control unit FSCM GEN46-111-
Fuel pump control unit FSCM GEN56-170-
Gearbox VGSNAG36-170-
Siemens VDO/Continental VGS4-NAG2 Gearbox 7G Tronic6-220-
EDIFF 2906-00-
48-V on-board electrical system battery0-00-
Lithium-ion battery0-00-
OBL 2226-183-
OBL KW 2226-00-
Integrated starter alternator 2136-00-


Bosch ESP 1676-220-
Bosch ESP 1776-200-
Bosch ESP 2136-212-
Bosch ESP 213 AMG6-00-
Bosch ESP 213 MOPF6-250-
Bosch ESP 290 AMG6-00-
AWD AMG S6-40-
Active brake assist6-00-
Distronic 2136-60-
EPS 2056-40-
Active brake assist6-151-
EHNR 1666-94-
SPC 1666-530-
PTCM 2906-00-
PARK 2136-172-
Suspension 2136-180-
IHTM 2130-130-
TPM 2136-50-
Trailer connection unit TM 2056-3511-


AERO 2900-00-
Airbag ORC 2136-310-
DMFL 2136-4519-
DMFR 2136-2512-
DMRL 2136-137-
DMRR 2136-137-
DRVU NG6-00-
Immobiliser EZS 2136-111-
HVAC 2226-1150-
KG 2136-240-
Instrument cluster 2136-713-
Instrument cluster 2226-678-
SAMF 2136-455-
SAMR 2136-3628-
SCCM 2136-260-
TSSR 2136-215-
SWSP 1776-00-


MMPC 2136-222-

Number of identifications, fault codes or configurations may vary depending on control unit variant or programming. Count of configurable parameters (codings) is displayed if the StarCOM supports user programmable parameters. If only configuration transfer is possible, Rd/Wr is displayed.

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