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Latest ToCOM version is ?
2016-04-20 0.1.5177
Improved fault codes database (now includes partial translation to CZ,DK,NL)

2016-03-18 0.1.5167
Improved vehicle identification on incorrectly programmed engine ECUs

2015-09-15 0.1.5065
Added Microsoft Windows 10 support

2014-04-15 0.1.5049
Firmware update for windows 8.1. The interface is now working.

2013-08-20 0.1.5018
Fixed recognition problem on Yaris Denso engine ECU.

2013-08-08 0.1.4953
New Toyota/Lexus models (up to 2013) are now covered

2013-08-07 0.1.4909
New codings: ABS Air Bleeding, Engine Reset O2 A/F Ratio Sensor, Pilot injection learn, Catalyst Record Clear, Supply Pump Initialization

2013-08-07 0.1.4909
New EMPS coding

2013-07-25 0.1.4674
Fixed bug - connection to some ABS/EMPS/Airbag ECUs on cars manufactured before 2004 now works.

2013-07-16 0.1.4457
New firmware improves connection to US pre-2005 AT ECUs


ToCOM is diagnostic software for Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles.

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Key features

Beta version customer satisfaction guarantee

Due to high demand on this product, ToCOM is currently provided in form of beta version, but it still comes with customer satisfaction guarantee. The beta version has some known problems that cannot be resolved without cooperation with customers. We're trying to be as transparent as possible: detailed ToCOM diagnostic coverage is available here, all currently known issues are described below.

Known problems

No connection with some ECUs on Lexus GS300It is not possible to connect to some interior ECU...
1NZ-FE Yaris 2002 engineProblem with connection to 1NZ-FE engine on one Ya...
No connection with EPS on Toyota AygoEHPS on Toyota Aygo platform (includes Citroen C1/...
Diesel injector codingSome diesel engine injector codings are not tested...
User friendly model selectionNon-US Toyota/Lexus models are manufactured at mul...
Coding functions assignmentSome coding functions may be incorrectly assigned ...


You'll get: ToCOM OBD2 USB interface, USB cable, CD-ROM with software and drivers, quickstart sheet. All this in plastic box. Everything is packed in bubble-mailer and all shipment are 100% insured. For more information see global product order page. We provide 2 years warranty for our products. Read why should you buy our products.

Important notice: You are ordering beta version of ToCOM. Please read this page carefully to understand all limitations of beta version.

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