Citroen Xantia 1993-1998

No ECUs in this category.


ZF A/T (PSA2)1----
 Injection Control Unit (Engine ECU)
Bosch MP3.2 ACAV3----
Bosch MP3.2T (RGX)3-12--
Bosch MP5.1.1 (LFY)3-126-
Bosch MP5.13-123-
Bosch MP5.13----
Bosch MP5.2 (NFZ,R6E,RFV,LFY)3-86-
Bosch MP7.0 (XFZ)1-3111-
Bosch VP20 KW71 (DHV,DHX,DHY,VJU,VJX)3-137-
Lucas EPIC (P8C)1-34--
Magneti-Marelli IAW1AP (HFY,HFZ,K6C,RFS,KFX,LFX)3-177-
Sagem SL96 (LFY,KFX)1-183-


No ECUs in this category.


Autoliv SAC AKF AC44-1--
Autoliv SAC AKF AC4 30PIN4-1--
Autoliv SAC AKF EC51----
 Air Conditioning
Valeo CLIM Xantia PH1 PSA21----
Valeo CLIM Xantia ph2/Xantia21----


No ECUs in this category. Errors and ommisions excepted.

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